Crack the Code for Plastics Recycling with Again Technologies Consulting

By: Adam Glasglow

Recent studies about plastic recycling tell us it’s impossible, or a “dead-end street”1. But Again Technologies and the clients we work with understand that’s simply not the case. With over 30 years of experience in the plastics industry, Again Technologies knows that plastics can be kept out of landfills and reused again and again, bringing value to businesses, consumers, and the environment.

Consumer demand for post-consumer plastic is on the rise—a study done by McKinsey2 showed that 60% of consumers said they go out of their way to recycle and purchase products with environmentally friendly packaging. Plus, there is more access to capital3 for companies participating in ESG initiatives by seriously addressing plastic waste.

There’s no denying that using post-consumer plastic in a company’s supply chain is a worthwhile investment, but getting these projects off the ground can be difficult without the technical know-how. Many companies are investing in the processing of post-consumer plastics, but need help to design critical raw material procurement and processing systems. Additionally, companies investing in advanced and mechanical recycling plants may have access to cutting-edge technology, but need help understanding how to feed it.

That’s where companies can leverage the expertise of Again Technologies to help. Again offers pre-processing, collection, and feedstock consulting for old and new clients alike.

Why Again Technologies Consulting?


Consulting from Again Technologies is built upon decades of experience and relationship building and will help kick-start any recycling project and ensure its success from the beginning. There are far too many examples4 of recycling start-ups or companies that attempt to bring recycling into their supply chains that ultimately fail because they didn’t have the process set up efficiently from the start.

Again Technologies consulting services will:

  • Provide a written roadmap to help bring all stakeholders on board. This includes identifying reliable feedstock and equipment, producing custom formulations that will result in the most efficient yields, and translating the technical know-how into an action plan that resonates with all stakeholders.
  • Expedite the recycling process and immediately put things in motion. We know the right partners for materials and equipment, guaranteeing that no client is starting recycling from scratch. This saves both time and money.
  • Secure additional capital with letters of intent. We’re always in the market for post-consumer plastic resin or products, and we know who will buy these commodities. With letters of intent from Again Technologies, securing bank loans or additional investment becomes much easier as your company will already have reliable revenue from the start.
  • In a three-part series, I’ll use how Again Technologies worked with our client interested in advanced recycling as an example to break down how our consulting services work, and the benefits you can expect.
Part 1Part 2Part 3
How to Find Enough Raw Materials and Feedstock for Recycling  Why Companies Need to Bring in Experts to Contract and Set Up Recycling Equipment  How to Secure Revenue Streams to Start Your Company’s Recycling Project

Again Technologies consulting is a win-win for all involved. The more we can show that post-consumer plastic has value, the more we can prove that recycling isn’t impossible—it’s not a dead-end street. Your company can finally bring in post-consumer plastics to your supply chain and satisfy the demands of your consumers while helping eliminate plastic waste from our landfills and environment.

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