No Plastic Left Behind

Post-industrial, post-commercial, and post-consumer plastics.
Resin Sourcing, Program management, Feedstock, Formulation,
and End Products.


Again Technologies is a longtime leader in resins and post-consumer plastics. We manage your recycling needs from collection to new products.

What We Do

With over 30 years of experience, our technology and relationships create unique and valuable recycling solutions from landfill destined plastics.

Our purpose driven recycling and engineered product solutions can achieve zero landfill—and offset market fluctuations—as our entire supply chain is transparent, sustainable, and economically viable.



We work with ALL plastic waste, including co-mingled and cross contaminated plastic.



With state-of-the-art technology, we produce formulated solutions for our customers’ specific needs.


End Products

Our end products divert plastic from landfills and oceans, and can be repurposed and used again and again.

Value Chain

We own the value chain from origin to product, as we work with suppliers and brands on feedstock, offtake , IP, global solutions, manufacturing, and more.


Block chain technology provides transparency from product collection to end use.

10 M

pounds of plastic
recycled in 2023 to date

200 M

pounds of plastic
recycled since 2016