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Part 1: How to Find Enough Raw Materials and Feedstock for Recycling

By: Adam Glasglow This is Part 1 of a 3-part series: Crack the Code for Plastics Recycling with Again Technologies Consulting A common misconception in plastics recycling is that feedstock—the plastic waste needed for recycling—is readily available and easy to come by. However, the way garbage and plastic waste is collected, especially

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How Partnership Can Transform Plastic Recycling

Again Technologies and Green Globe Resources are helping our clients transition to post-consumer plastic products. We’re not just taking action to end plastic waste—we’re going a step further and bringing value to what was once destined for landfill.

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DCO is Now Again Technologies, Where No Plastic is Left Behind

When we started DCO International over 30 years ago, our mission was clear: bring new and valuable opportunities to our clients in the plastics industry by focusing on innovation and long-term success. Now with Again Technologies, we’re taking that a step further by vertically integrating end products into our circular value chain.

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