We Believe Plastics Should Never Go to Landfill

We know there is tremendous value in plastics when they are used again and again.

Our Team

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve brought solutions to international markets that educate everyone we work with on the benefits of upcycling, transparency, and circular repurposing. We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment, not only by keeping plastics out of landfills and oceans, but with our state-of-the-art technology that reduces energy consumption, water use, and our overall carbon footprint.

Claudine Osipow


Claudine Osipow is a self-made businesswoman who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Management and Finance from Boston University. Claudine has spent over 30 years in the plastic industry servicing both international and domestic markets through her DCO group of companies:  DCO International Inc (1993), DCO Environmental & Recycling LLC (2007) and Again Technologies LLC (2021). Her commitment to sustainability and strategic partnerships has created impactful expertise in vertically integrating the entire supply chain of raw materials, collection, processing, formulation, and end products. Recognized for her unique approach to market, she has also been the exclusive NA Distributor for Israeli based Carmel Olefins and has distributed over 400M pounds of prime virgin PP and PE since 2014. During her career, Claudine has managed to successfully divert over 2,000M pounds of landfilled destined plastics into innovative applications for operations ranging from independently owned manufacturing locales to Fortune 500 companies. With a new emphasis on advanced recycling, Claudine has been contracted to supply over 20M pounds of plastic waste to several of the largest advanced recycling technologies globally. Claudine is passionate and committed to bring solutions and opportunities, so NO PLASTIC IS LEFT BEHIND. 

Jenae Rozar

Operations Director

Jenae started her career by trying out a handful of jobs to find the right fit, which played a major role in developing her talent of solving any problem that comes her way. Jenae landed at DCO International in 2007 and has played an integral role in helping the DCO group of companies operate, grow, and evolve into Again Technologies. Jenae is always up for a challenge. Her can-do attitude combined with her expert knowledge of all operations behind the scenes keeps Again Technologies moving and thriving. Jenae enjoys working with and getting to know Again’s customers and suppliers, and in addition to relationship building, environmental impact is of utmost importance. Working with Again to divert plastics from landfills and have a positive environmental impact gives Jenae great satisfaction, which is only improved by the interactions she has with clients every day. Since Again Technologies moved to Nashville in 2021, Jenae has been enjoying getting to know her new city and home. You can also find Jenae growing veggies in her backyard and experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen. 

Gavin Doherty

Director of Sales - Europe
Green Globe Resources- An Again Joint Venture

Gavin has been involved in material processing and recycling since 2002. A key area of his expertise is the production and supply of alternative fuels into energy intensive industries throughout Europe. He also has extensive experience in International Markets and Contract Management. Gavin is a Director of Green Globe Resources, based in Northern Ireland. Green Globe Resources specializes in reprocessing hard to recycle post-consumer plastics. Using the latest in advanced treatment technology, Green Globe Resources turn discarded plastic streams into reusable plastic products. As part of the Again Joint Venture Gavin leads Again’s sales and business development on all materials throughout Europe.