Again Technologies Delivers Circular Economy Solutions

Again Technologies transforms plastic waste into products that can be used again and again.

This is achieved through a combination of custom material formulation, integrated state of the art equipment, energy efficient processes, and engineering modeling for product specification.

Full Service Mechanical Recycling

From grinding to washing to compounding, we recover plastics from waste without altering the plastic’s molecular structure.

Advanced Recycling

By breaking down plastics into their basic building blocks, plastics can be used again as a sustainable feedstock to make virgin FDA resin. We provide vital feedstock for chemical recycling solutions.

Finished Goods

We offer our clients custom products that can be immediately integrated into their supply chain.

Benefits of Our Transparent Process

Provides a lower carbon footprint

Diverts plastic from landfill and oceans     

Creates a circular economy for plastics       

Our purpose driven recycling and custom solutions keep plastic out of landfills and the ocean.

This allows our clients to develop recyclable and closed loop solutions that are immediately valuable and sustainable.



We work with ALL plastic waste, including co-mingled and cross contaminated plastic.



With state-of-the-art technology, we produce formulated solutions for our customers’ specific needs.


End Products

Our end products divert plastic from landfills and oceans, and can be repurposed and used again and again.

Value Chain

We own the value chain from origin to product, as we work with suppliers and brands on feedstock, offtake , IP, global solutions, manufacturing, and more.


Block chain technology provides transparency from product collection to end use.